Xenon Pharmaceuticals has announced that its novel ointment for post-herpetic neuralgia, XEN402, has demonstrated significant and clinically meaningful reductions in patient’s pain during a Phase IIa study.

The study, which involved 56 patients, showed that the proportion who reported reductions in pain greater than 30% and greater than 50% was significantly higher among those given XEN402 than those given the placebo.

Xenon Pharmaceuticals president and CEO Dr Simon Pimstone said the positive data represents an important step forward in the development of topical XEN402 for the treatment of chronic pain.

XEN402 targets and inhibits sodium channels involved in pain.

The ointment’s ability to provide relief from inflammatory dental pain and from the debilitating neuropathic pain associated with inherited erythromelalgia suggested that XEN402 could be applicable for multiple painful conditions.

Xenon vice-president Dr Paul Goldberg said that the roduct has an excellent safety profile and the potential to treat both neuropathic and inflammatory pain.