Following the arrest of Kumud Drugs managing director Abhijit Konduskar, further investigations from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence in India have uncovered what is alleged to be a larger trafficking syndicate.

Konduskar and three other associates were arrested following the seizure of a large consignment of ketamine hydrochloride bound for Europe, where it is popularly used as a party drug.

Boxes containing 200kg of the drug were seized and traced back to Kumud Drugs. Officials later discovered a factory in Sangli, India, where distribution of the drug was supervised, according to

Upon arrest, the receiver of the shipment, Jayantilal Kothari, confirmed that he had previously smuggled some 1,000kg of ketamine out of the country, with most of it heading towards the UK.

Investigations also revealed that Konduskar had also been involved the purchase of large quantities of mephedrone, manufactured by Oakar Industries, a chemical at the centre of the ‘Meow Meow’ controversy in the UK.