AiCuris is set to present results of a resistance analysis from a Phase II clinical trial of AIC316 in patients with genital herpes.

In the trial, 156 patients with genital herpes were randomised to one of four AIC316 treatment groups (5m, 25mg or 75mg once-daily or 400mg once-weekly) or a placebo.

The trial compared the efficacy of the different doses with respect to the suppression of mucocutaneous shedding under treatment, and found AIC316 was safe and well tolerated.

AiCuris CEO Helga Ruebsamen-Schaeff said that the fact that no potentially resistance mediating mutations were detected under AIC316 treatment is very encouraging.

“As we saw a clear dose-response within our trial, this result also means that even under a sub-optimal therapy at the lower dose, which allowed some viral growth, no resistant mutants escaped,” Ruebsamen-Schaeff said.