McKesson has launched the Advanced Diagnostics Management solution that will help connect facilities and laboratories to help physicians order the appropriate tests

Advanced Diagnostics Management (ADM) expands the RelayHealth network to allow payers, clinical laboratories and providers to help physicians to gain electronic access to labs’ test catalogues and health plans’ rules for eligibility, automatic pre-authorisation, network coverage, and price estimation.

Business leader at McKesson, Matthew Zubiller said that there new tool was a t the forefront of an emerging market.

“When health plans and care providers understand the impact of their choices on the quality and cost of care, the patient benefits,” Zubiller said.

The ADM solution provides payers and labs with a patent pending collection of advanced web-based services that enable informed test selection, electronic routing, and automatic authoriaation against centralised rules for coverage and orders.

By connecting to clinical laboratories and payers, providers can inform their patients instantly on how much a test will cost, whether their health insurance will cover it, and which labs are best qualified to perform the test.

The solution operates using the new InterQual criteria, which covers more than 270 high volume molecular and genetic tests in the areas of infectious disease, oncology, and inherited diseases.