Kardia Health Systems will launch Kardia V, an integrated reporting and image viewing system to help vascular clinics streamline workflow and improve operational efficiencies.

The software uses a web-based platform, allowing practitioners remote management capabilities of patient images and records. The compatible interface features reporting and an editable graphics programme, designed for the frequently performed vascular procedures.

Kardia V also auto-populates measurements to help reduce errors. This process speeds along diagnostics, eliminating dictation and transcription services, and helps clinics focus more on the treatment of patients.

President of Kardia Health Systems, George Danko said that Kardia V is responsive to the marketplace.

“By addressing the need for remote web access and patient data transfers, physicians and patients are no longer tethered to the team or lab where diagnostics was done,” Danko said

Kardia V is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant, and has Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL) compliant structured reports and ICAVL report generation for Accreditation submission.