US-based healthcare company PerkinElmer has formed an assay development and sample testing collaboration with Biolegend to provide immunological reagents to biomedical research communities.

Under this agreement, BioLegend will offer immunoassay development and bioanalytical testing based on PerkinElmer’s ‘no wash’ homogenous bead-based AlphaLISA assay technology.

AlphaLISA is comprised of highly sensitive and quantitative assays with broader ranges than standard enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs). This saves time during laboratory workflows and eliminates labour-intensive wash steps that are difficult to automate.

PerkinElmer biodiscovery president Richard Eglen said that the company was committed to sharing the benefits of the AlphaLISA platform.

“Combining PerkinElmer’s technologies with BioLegend’s immunoassay development capabilities enables scientists to benefit from reduced barriers to discovery such as time or resource constraints,” Eglen said.

The collaboration offers assays with extremely high detection sensitivities, very difficult to achieve with many existing ELISA assays. Furthermore, AlphaLISA technology reportedly allows for easy integration into automated high throughput testing systems, including the Janus liquid handling system from PerkinElmer.