UK-based Ipsen has been granted FDA approval of Dysport, a drug used in anti-wrinkle treatment and seen as a potential rival for Botox.

Disport will be promoted in the US by aesthetics company Medicis as part of a sales agreement with the manufacturer.

Physician injectors who have used Botox and Dysport have described that while the two are similar in many counts, they sometimes prefer one over the other in certain facial areas, due to variations in the onset of results and spread of effect.

Dysport has been reported to be faster-acting and has a greater spread, while Botox has a tendency to remain more localised, requiring more injections in the course of a treatment.

SKINTASTIC Medical and Surgical Rejuvenation Center medical director Jeffrey Adelglass said: “The major benefits of Dysport to the cosmetic patient will be that there are fewer injections, and treatments hopefully will last a little longer.”

Ipsen will start producing Dysport within the next 60 days.