Catalyst Pharmaceutical has said it is confident in the potential of cocaine addiction treatment CPP-109 (vigabatrin) after positive phase II trials overturned previous trial data.

The data from the trial showed that a significantly larger proportion of patients treated with CPP-109 were cocaine free during the last two weeks of the treatment period as compared with subjects given a placebo.

Catalyst are now completing analyses of the clinical trial and also intend to investigate the reasons for the disparity between the trial results and previously published clinical and non-clinical results evaluating vigabatrin as a treatment for cocaine addiction.

Catalyst chairman, president and CEO Patrick J McEnany said that the company was disappointed with the previous cocaine trial results, given the positive results of three prior human trials and numerous animal studies.

“However, we are not ready to abandon our view that CPP-109 has the potential for use in treating cocaine addiction, which still represents a significant unmet medical need,” he said.

“We will carefully study the results of our trial and assess the appropriate path for conducting future clinical trials evaluating CPP-109 for the treatment of cocaine addiction. We also expect to have the results of our methamphetamine proof-of-concept study during the third quarter, which will provide us with data that we can use to assess the next steps in our strategy.”