Arbor Pharmaceuticals has unveiled ZINOTIC ES, a new treatment for children suffering with Acute Otitis Externa (AOE), also known as ‘swimmer’s ear’.

ZINOTIC ES is an extra-strength formulation of original ZINOTIC. It provides extra pain relief and skin protection for children suffering from AOE.

AOE or swimmer’s ear is a common childhood infection of the ear canal characterised by intense pain and inflamed, damaged skin.

Arbor Pharmaceuticals president and CEO Jarrett Disbrow said that ZINOTIC had become an important AOE treatment option since its introduction.

“The new ZINOTIC ES will be a welcome addition to the ZINOTIC franchise as it further addresses the three AOE treatment goals with its enhanced, extra-strength formulation,” he said.

AOE treatment should address three main goals including treating the infection, relieving the pain and restoring the integrity of the lining of the ear canal.