PolyMedix has received a research contract worth $1.6m from the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), to develop more effective rapid-response counter-measures to combat biowarfare bacterial pathogens.

The goal of the contract is to devise new defensin-mimetic antibiotic compounds to provide more effective rapid-response countermeasures against biowarfare bacterial pathogens and other public health threats.

PolyMedix president and CEO Nicholas Landekic said that the company appreciated the DTRA’s interest in the PolyMedix novel antibiotic approach.

“Safeguarding public safety against these dangerous infectious threats is a critically important goal,” Landekic said.

The work will be conducted by PolyMedix, which will include preclinical animal efficacy studies for intravenous defensin-mimetic antibiotic agents against Category A and B biopathogens, including the infectious agents that cause anthrax, plague and tularemia.