GeoVax has signed a HIV/AIDS vaccine proposal with the Health and Hospital System Association in Illinois to accelerate use of the company’s therapeutic vaccine programme for patients already infected with the HIV virus.

If the proposal is adopted in its present form, the initial effort of the cooperative programme would be focused on accelerating GeoVax’s therapeutic vaccine programme.

GeoVax would bear responsibility for production of the vaccine supply, establishment, management and oversight of the clinical trials process, and regulatory compliance, which includes interaction with government authorities.

GeoVax president Robert McNally said that the proposed arrangement had significant potential to advance the fight against HIV/AIDS.

“The proposed arrangement with Cook County through the health system and its core foundation has the potential to advance the fight against HIV/AIDS by accelerating the clinical trials of the DNA/MVA and MVA/MVA vaccines developed by GeoVax scientists, in collaboration with scientists at Emory University, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US National Institutes of Health,” McNally said.

Clinical trials could begin at the Ruth Rothstein Core Center in Cook County, Illinois.