Biopharmaceutical company Vical has announced plans to start large-scale manufacturing of its H1N1 influenza vaccine after the vaccine showed a response rate of 100% during preclinical testing.

The study enrolled mice and rabbits, where the subjects were vaccinated with a standard two-dose vaccine regimen.

During the testing at least 75% of vaccinated animals achieved or exceeded the protection threshold after a single dose of the vaccine.

Vical president and CEO Vijay Samant said that the speed of the platform in development and manufacturing was demonstrated by rapid completion of vaccine production and successful immunogenicity testing in animals.

“While conventional vaccine manufacturers are still working toward production of their initial supply of H1 vaccine, we are encouraged by these compelling data with our Vaxfectin-formulated DNA vaccine and we look forward to advancing to human clinical trials as soon as possible,” Samant said.