Amylin has announced that a 28-week dose-ranging study of pramlintide/metreleptin, a combination treatment for overweight and obese patients, has shown positive results.

The phase-II study successfully characterised patients who responded best to treatment, and also provided important information for dose selection.

The phase-II, 28-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled multi-centre study looked at 608 obese or overweight patients. In the overall evaluable study population, all of the pramlintide/metreleptin combination arms achieved more weight loss than a placebo.

The study results confirmed previous phase-II results with the combination therapy, and provide a foundation for the company’s obesity development programme.

Amylin vice-president of corporate development, diabetes and obesity Christian Weyer said that the findings provided valuable data that would inform our clinical and product development strategy.

“Our integrated neurohormonal approach to obesity provides a broad research and development platform that has the potential to yield transformational therapies that address a range of unmet patient needs across the various classes of obesity,” Weyer said.