Inovio Biomedical Corporation has announced positive antibody responses against the H1N1 swine influenza virus, in 100% of pigs immunised with a two-dose vaccine regimen.

Pigs immunised with the consensus H1N1 influenza DNA vaccine showed haemagglutination inhibition titers above the protection threshold in 100% of the vaccinated animals, which had been given a H1N1 virus previously isolated from pigs.

Inovio CEO Joseph Kim said that the innovative SynCon technology had the potential to protect people from new influenza strains.

“This is a clear advantage for our universal flu programme over conventional influenza vaccines. We are pleased to report our H1N1 preclinical results using pigs and look forward to advancing our SynCon universal flu vaccine programme toward clinical investigation,” Kim said.

Inovio is now conducting ongoing animal studies to test the ability of vaccines to cross-protect from currently circulating human and swine H1N1 viruses, as well as the new influenza A/H1N1 strain also known as swine flu.