Advanced Therapeutics (ADVTX) has revealed its new drug Fibrinoplate-S for the reduction of bleeding after radiation exposure.

The treatment, which has shown effectiveness in reducing the bleeding in animals exposed to extreme doses of radiation, can also be administered to large groups quickly.

In preclinical trials, Fibrinoplate-S reduced bleeding within two hours after a bolus intravenous administration in test subjects, with less than 1% of the normal platelet count. Beneficial effects were shown to last for at least 24 hours.

ADVTX CEO Richard Yen said that acute radiation can severely damage the bone marrow but that this treatment could be a effective alternative to platelet transfusion.

“While existing medications can boost the production of red cells and white cells from the recovering bone marrow, there is no effective treatment for low concentrations of platelets except through platelet transfusion. Donor platelets, however, may not be available or adequately screened for pathogens during times of distress,” Yen said.