Daiichi Sankyo and Eli Lilly have announced that Effient (prasugrel), a new medicine to treat cardiac events such as a heart attack is now available across the US.

Effient received US Food and Drug Administration approval on 10 July 2009 as a treatment to reduce thrombotic cardiovascular events (including stent thrombosis) in patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS) who are managed with percutaneous coronary intervention.

Effient works by keeping blood platelets from clumping together and developing a blockage in an artery. Taking Effient alongside aspirin has been shown to reduce the chances of having a cardiac event such as a heart attack or stent-related blood clots in patients with ACS.

Daiichi Sankyo president and chief executive officer Joe Pieroni said that it is important to provide practical patient support and education, following a major cardiovascular event and possibly having a stent placed in an artery.

“We are dedicated to developing highly relevant, evidence-based programmes to help patients recover as well as regain their health and confidence,” Pieroni said.