Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners has executed a licensing agreement to commercialise a range of novel neurological therapies discovered at Northwestern University in the US.

Under the agreement Catalyst will receive exclusive worldwide rights to commercialise novel GABA aminotransferase iuhibitors and derivatives of vigabatrin discovered at the University.

The compounds may have applications to a broad range of neurological diseases including addiction, obsessive compulsive disorders and epilepsy. At least one undisclosed lead oral compound has already been identified as a candidate for development by the company.

Catalyst CEO Patrick McEnany said that the compounds are the only ones in development or on the market with GABA aminotransferase inhibition as the primary mode of action.

“The new class of compounds will also allow us to explore broader CNS applications that could benefit from the blockade of GABA aminotransferase, including the treatment of epilepsy,” McEnany said.

Northwestern University will receive an upfront payment from Catalyst, as well as certain milestone payments relating to clinical development activities and product royalties.

Catalyst will be responsible for the continued R&D of any resulting product candidates.