Myriad Pharmaceuticals has announced positive data for MPC-4326, a novel maturation inhibitor for the treatment of HIV infection.

Results from clinical studies demonstrated that the 50mg and 100mg tablet formulations of MPC-4326 were safe and well tolerated, and that 200mg and 300mg twice-a-day dosing maintained concentrations are needed to achieve viral load reduction.

A companion diagnostic based on the genetic sequence of an individual’s virus has also been developed to identify patients that respond to MPC-4326 and will be validated during the course of subsequent clinical studies.

Myriad Pharmaceuticals president and CEO Dr Adrian Hobden said that coupled with the potential companion diagnostic and the significant viral load reductions seen in these two studies, the company believes it has a clear clinical path forward.

MPC-4326 is a potent small molecule that acts as a viral maturation inhibitor and is a first-in-class drug candidate with a novel mechanism of action, which is regarded a critical to combat the evolution of HIV drug resistance to the available therapies.