Pfizer has announced that it will continue its agreement with Japan’s Eisai to provide Aricept to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The decision resolves previous marketing disputes after the companies agreed to continue marketing together in the US and select EU markets, while Pfizer will have exclusive rights where it currently markets the drug until 2022.

These rights are, however, with the exception of Japan where the rights to Aricept will be returned to Eisai in December 2012.

The two companies have also announced plans to co-promote Lyrica, a neuropathic pain drug under regulatory review in Japan.

Pfizer chairman and CEO Jeff Kindler said that the continued partnership with Eisai was a commitment to help patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

“In addition, we look forward to forging a new alliance with Eisai to help treat neuropathic pain with our co-promotion of Lyrica in Japan following regulatory approval,” said Kindler.