Kinaxo Biotechnologies and Bayer Vital have announced a collaboration to apply the quantitative phosphoproteomics technology PhosphoScout, in a clinical trial to identify novel biomarkers to treat cancer.

The phosphoproteomics platform, developed by Kinaxo, allows annotation and quantification of regulated phosphorylation sites, which can reveal the mode of action taken by the majority of targeted compounds used as anti-cancer drugs.

The trial will evaluate the phosphoproteomics platform as a valuable tool to discover predictive biomarkers that foretell therapeutic outcome in patients.

Bayer Vital head of oncology Erich Enghofer said that there is still have a long way to go until a truly personalised medicine, based on validated biomarkers, will become a reality.

“This co-operation gives us a unique chance to substantially contribute to the improvement of cancer therapies,” Enghofer said.

Furthermore, quantitative phosphoproteomics will be also be applied to investigate the molecular efficiency of potential combination therapies with Nexavar, an approved treatment for hepatocellular and renal cell carcinoma.