Roche along with Halozyme Therapeutics has announced the start of a Phase III registration trial using Enhanze technology with the anti-cancer biologic Herceptin.

Using this innovative new technology will allow patients with HER2-positive breast cancer to administer Herceptin at home themselves with or without the support of a healthcare professional via a simple subcutaneous injection.

Herceptin is approved to treat HER2-positive breast cancer and is given intravenously.

The start of trials marks the first milestone under the Halozyme-Roche collaboration and has resulted in a milestone payment of $5m to Halozyme.

In December 2006, Halozyme entered into an agreement with Roche to apply Halozyme’s proprietary Enhanze technology to Roche’s biological therapeutic compounds.

Pending the successful achievement of a series of clinical, regulatory and sales events, Roche will pay Halozyme additional milestones as well as royalties on future product sales.