US firm Cumberland Pharmaceuticals and Australia’s Phebra have joined forces to market Caldolor, an intravenous hospital setting version of ibuprofen in Australia and New Zealand.

Under the agreement, Phebra will take responsibility for regulatory approval and will handle all ongoing regulatory requirements, product marketing, distribution and sales.

Cumberland will maintain responsibility for product formulation, development and manufacturing. In addition to upfront and milestone payments as well as a transfer price, Cumberland will receive royalties on future sales of Caldolor.

Phebra president and CEO Mal Eutick said that the partnership would bring this important product to a broader global audience.

“Based on data resulting from clinical trials for Caldolor, we believe there is great opportunity to promote widespread use throughout Australia and New Zealand,” Eutick said.

Caldolor is used primarily in hospitalised patients who are unable to receive oral therapies, and will become the first and only injectable ibuprofen product available in Australia and New Zealand for the treatment of pain and fever.