The clinical-stage vaccine company Novavax has recently announced that its virus-like particles (VLP) vaccine induced robust hemagglutinin inhibition (HAI) antibody responds to all vaccine strains.

The trivalent seasonal influenza VLP vaccine contains VLPs matched to the influenza strains recommended for the 2008-2009 influenza vaccine including H1N1 A/Brisbane/59/2007, H3N2 A/Brisbane/10/2007, and B/Florida/04/2006.

Norvavax began a study of the vaccine in May of this year, through enrolling 241 healthy adults aged between 18 to 49 years. Of these, 221 received VLP vaccine at 15mcg or 60mcg or a placebo, while the 20 other subjects received an inactivated influenza vaccine (TIV).

The results showed that the VLP vaccine was well tolerated and immunogenic and to date no serious vaccine-related adverse events have been reported.