Scientists from the University of Leeds have confirmed that an exciting new compound from UK-based Destiny Pharma may be able to combat so-called super bugs with little resistance.

A report by the university in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (JAC) confirmed that Destiny Pharma’s XF-73 drug kills harmful bacteria in an entirely new way, different to traditional antibiotics.

According to the report, in extensive laboratory tests XF-73 has been shown to kill bacteria within minutes through a a lethal interaction with the bacteria’s membrane without bacterial resistance.

Destiny Pharma CEO Bill Love said that the company recognises the need to develop new drugs to combat the emergence of new and existing super bugs.

“We are delighted with these new findings which clearly show that XF-73 is distinct from all other antimicrobial classes,” he said.

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics and development of multidrug-resistant bacteria is recognised as a major healthcare threat and a likely contributor the emergence of new highly dangerous super bugs.

Clinical trials for the first application of XF-73 to clear hospital patients of MRSA are currently underway.