GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has announced positive results from a trial to assess if its H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine Pandemrix could be administered at the same time as the annual seasonal influenza vaccine, Fluarix.

The trial showed that co-administration of one dose of both vaccines in separate arms induced a strong response for both the H1N1 pandemic vaccine as well as the seasonal vaccine in adults.

GSK biologicals president Jean Stéphenne said that the results provide key information to public health organisations.

“This new data on the co-administration of both the seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines could help simplify the influenza vaccination programmes that countries are now starting to initiate,” said Stéphenne.

Data from the study confirm previous results in an elderly population, which showed that the immune response elicited by Pandemrix exceeded the immunogenicity criteria as defined by international licensing authorities for a pandemic influenza vaccine.

In the trial, 89.3% of the subjects receiving both vaccines at the same time demonstrated a response for the H1N1 virus that was above the regulatory threshold considered indicative of protection.