The results of a new clinical trial will give new hope to cat lovers with allergies after results showed that the treatment ToleroMune, produced by biopharmaceutical company Circassia, greatly reduced sufferers symptoms.

The first-of-its-kind clinical trial, showed that the new treatment dramatically reduced both nasal and ocular allergy symptom levels, and that the treatment effect grew as the duration of exposure increased and symptoms were at their greatest.

The optimal regimen decreased total symptom scores by 67% compared with a placebo. The treatment was extremely well tolerated throughout the study, with a safety profile similar to the placebo.

Circassia CEO Steve Harris said that these results identified the optimal treatment regime to move into the final stages of development.

“As well as benefiting patients, this effect scientifically validates the ToleroMune approach and its novel focus on generating regulatory T cells to shut down this type of IgE-mediated allergic response,” he said.

The double-blind study was conducted in Canada, where 121 subjects with confirmed cat allergies were randomised to receive a placebo or one of four different treatment regimes with standardised doses of ToleroMune.

The volunteers were then exposed to cat allergens (aerosolised dander) in an environmental exposure chamber for three hours a day on four consecutive days.