Dermagen AB has announced promising results from a clinical Phase I/IIa study to test a novel antimicrobial peptide (AMP) treatment for atopicdermatitis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease.

During the trial the AMP showed a broad spectrum of both bactericidal and fungicidal activity, meeting its primary objective by demonstrating a significant reduction of total microbes in eczemas compared to a placebo.

This is the first time a study has proven the efficacy of AMPs for atopic dermatitis in man.

DermaGen managing director Jan Alenfall said that the observed trend towards improvement of the disease condition was particularly encouraging.

“The development of a new class of treatment, capable of eradicating microbes with limited risk of microbial resistance development, is likely to have significant market appeal within this and other dermatological indications,” Alenfall said.

DermaGen’s AMP is developed from natural endogenous human proteins and the company believes that there is low probability that it will induce resistance as it lacks a specific molecular target on bacteria and other microbes.