Swiss company Evolva and Roche have entered into a collaboration to create new compounds with activity on targets in oncology and anti-infectives using Evolva’s technology platform.

As part of the deal Roche will pay Evolva an upfront technology access fee and ongoing research fees.

Roche will then have the responsibility to take forward any compounds discovered during the collaboration and will potentially pay Evolva research and clinical milestone fees as well as royalties on any products that result from the collaboration.

Evolva will also have the first right to any compounds not taken forward, or subsequently deprioritised by Roche.

Evolva CEO and managing director Neil Goldsmith said that by exploring biosynthetic scaffolds that have many of the “design features” of nature, the company aims to build a pipeline of novel diverse compounds with anti-infective and anti-cancer effects.

“We are very pleased to have a leading player such as Roche expressing their confidence in our discovery platform,” Goldsmith said.