Acceleron Pharma has announced that it has two novel development candidates to its drug development pipeline that may well provide new clues for treating metabolic and bone diseases.

The first new development candidate, ACE-435, is a novel protein therapeutic that inhibits signalling of members of the TGF-beta protein superfamily.

The drug, in development for metabolic diseases, makes use of brown fat, which was previously believed to exist only in newborn humans and animals that hibernate.

Recent studies have shown that animals treated with ACE-435 increased brown fat, decreased white fat, increased skeletal muscle, and dramatically lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

The second development candidate, ACE-661, is a novel anabolic bone agent, which inhibits members of the TGF-beta protein superfamily and blocks two established pathways involved in bone formation.

Acceleron Pharma CEO and co-founder John Knopf said that Acceleron now has seven internally discovered programmes in its pipeline.

“We are proud of our highly productive research, development and manufacturing organisations that continue to generate such an unusually high number of novel and promising therapeutics,” Knopf said.