GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is poised to release the details of thousands of new chemical compounds that may have the potential to cure malaria.

According to a report in the Guardian, GSK will publish details of 13,500 chemical compounds from its library that have the potential to act against the parasite that causes deadly malaria.

GSK chief executive Andrew Witty told the Guardian that multinational drug companies have an imperative to earn the trust of society, not just by meeting expectations but by exceeding them.

“This will try to create permissiveness around scientific research in an area where we know the marketplace isn’t going to stimulate massive research,” Witty said.

According to the company, it took a team of five investigators a year to screen the two million compounds in GSK’s library, possibly the biggest such library in the world.

GSK’s chief executive also announced that the company is providing $8m to create an “open lab” within its research centre at Tres Cantos, Spain to explore these chemicals and other drugs, to cure malaria and other diseases that affect the developing world.