Cumberland Pharmaceuticals has donated 15,000 vials of the pain drug Caldolor, an intravenous form of ibuprofen, to the Haitian relief effort.

The drug will be used to help those suffering from fever as a result of disease, infections or pain from traumatic injury as survivors continue to be pulled from the wreckage in the wake of the massive earthquake that hit the nation earlier this month.

Cumberland has provided the drug through a US medical unit that will support field medical personnel in Haiti, including the international aid group Doctors Without Borders.

Cumberland chief executive officer AJ Kazimi said that the company was hopeful the donation will be relevant in the light of mounting public health concerns about the outbreak of disease and the lack of adequate medical facilities and supplies.

Caldolor was approved by the Food and Drug Administration and introduced in the US in 2009, as the first and only injectable product approved for the treatment of pain and reduction of fever.