The US Food and Drug Administration has expanded the use of Lamictal (lamotrigine) extended-release tablets to treat tonic-clonic seizures, the most common form of generalised seizure occurring in approximately 20% of patients with epilepsy.

Lamictal XR had previously been approved for partial onset seizures, which are the most common type of seizure experienced by people with epilepsy and unlike tonic-clonic seizures are limited to one part of the brain.

Approval is based on clinical studies where the addition of Lamictal XR was shown to reduce seizure frequency more than placebo in patients with uncontrolled primary generalised tonic-clonic seizures.

Arkansas Epilepsy Program and clinical trials director Victor Biton said that the approval of once-a-day Lamictal XR for this very serious seizure type gives a convenient and effective new option for improving the care of patients with epilepsy.