Addex Pharmaceuticals has announced that its investigational pain drug ADX71943 has demonstrated statistically significant analgesic-like effects in three preclinical models of pain.

ADX71943 is an orally available positive allosteric modulator of the GABA(B) receptor that has potential for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain and chronic nociceptive pain as well as other indications.

In the first model, ADX71943 reversed complete Freund adjuvant–induced reductions in withdrawal thresholds in a dose-related manner, with a minimum statistically significant effective oral dose of 10mg/kg. In a second model the drug showed anti-nociceptive effect after oral administration of 3–10mg/kg.

In a third model, an increased visceral pain threshold was seen using ADX71943 with a minimum statistically significant effective dose between 3 and 10mg/kg.

Addex head of non-clinical development Sonia Poli said that the company is impressed with the profile of the compound and by its activity in these models.

“Minimum effective doses observed in the preclinical models and the pharmacokinetic properties of the compound support prediction of treatment regimens in humans compatible with the target patient population and disease,” Poli said.