According to a new global report series by iData Research, the demand for orthopaedic biomaterials in the US could reach almost $6.3bn by 2016.

Orthopaedic biomaterials are implanted or applied in or near bone to facilitate healing and to fill in areas where bone tissue is depleted to restore structure and help bones repair.

According to the iData Research report, the US market for orthopaedic biomaterials grew by 11.5% in 200. The market for orthopaedic hyaluronic acid (HA) viscosupplementation in 2009 increased almost 30% over the previous year due to growth in the market for three-injection-cycle products.

The launch of single-injection products will stimulate market growth for HA therapies, while the ageing population and increased incidence of osteoarthritis will drive the overall market for orthopaedic biomaterials.

Some of the fastest-growing market segments highlited in the report include orthopaedic stem cells and cartilage repair. In addition, the market for HA is estimated to see significant changes, due to the US Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Genzyme Biosurgery‘s single-injection product, SynviscOne.

iData CEO Kamran Zamanian said that the introduction of single-injection-cycle products in 2009 is attracting new patients to the viscosupplementation market and cannibalising market shares for existing products.