The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended including the pandemic influenza A(H1N1) virus in the seasonal flu vaccine mixture for the northern hemisphere in 2010–2011.

WHO flu expert Keiji Fukuda that the inclusion of the H1N1 pandemic virus in the influenza vaccine does not signal that the pandemic is over.

“This virus is expected to be a significant threat to people as we go into the autumn and winter period,” Fukuda said.

The other two recommended viruses for the vaccine are H3N2, which is a type of influenza A like H1N1, and the influenza B virus.

The national health authorities will now decide whether the three viruses are to be put into a single trivalent shot, offered as three separate vaccine, or offered as a separate H1N1 shot.

H1N1 vaccine components held by pharmaceutical companies in bulk form may be used for the seasonal vaccine mix, according to Reuters.

The WHO’s emergency committee of influenza experts will meet on 23 February to evaluate whether or not the global pandemic is over.