An acute migraine therapy that is not contraindicated for patients with a history of vascular disease would earn a 45% patient share in the US, according to a survey of leading neurologists.

A new report by Decision Resources found that there is an urgent need for a migraine drug that does not carry any risk of cardiovascular side effects and that any such drug would enjoy a unique competitive advantage.

The report finds that a migraine treatment, which also offers improved efficacy and fast-acting oral delivery, would earn a 45% patient share in the US and a 30% patient share in Europe, according to surveyed European neurologists.

The report also points to Zogenix/Astellas Pharma/Desitin Pharmaceuticals’ Sumavel DosePro subcutaneous injectable sumatriptan as the market leader, earning it Decision Resources’ proprietary gold standard status for migraine in 2013.

Sumavel DosePro was launched in the US in January 2010 and has been filed for approval in Europe.

Decision resources Analyst Jon Searles said that among the current and emerging therapies profiled in the report, Sumavel DosePro benefits from fast-acting and robust efficacy at early time points.

“We do, however, forecast that its use will be limited because of its high cost, generics competition, reimbursement challenges and patient preference for oral pills,” Searles said.