Sigma-Aldrich has reached a deal with Pfizer to sell approximately 100 Pfizer-developed small molecule compounds to life science researchers to help advance understanding of biological systems.

The Pfizer compounds, which include patented and approved drug molecules such as atorvastatin, sildenafil and celecoxib, will be made available for target characterisation, assay development, screening and in vivo animal model applications.

Sigma Life Science‘s Research Biotech Business Unit president Dr David Smoller said that this is exciting news for the life science research community.

“This multi-compound deal not only enriches our portfolio but provides valuable resources for customers to modulate their protein targets, facilitating further advances in cellular and pathway biology,” Smoller said.

The Pfizer compounds will be sold worldwide directly through Sigma-Aldrich as in-stock, pre-packaged items and, on request, in bulk, and will also be mapped to genes and associated pathways and interactors via Sigma-Aldrich’s online search platform, ‘Your Favorite Gene powered by Ingenuity’.

While the initial agreement includes approximately 100 Pfizer compounds, Sigma-Aldrich expects to add further Pfizer compounds on a regular basis.