Mentor Capital has reported an all-time high on its Cancer Immunotherapy Index, following the announcement of a new 12-year exclusive sales period for biological drugs in the new US healthcare bill.

Mentor Capital, which invests in promising cancer therapy companies, reported that its Cancer Immunotherapy Index is now recording a 110% annualised growth following the healthcare bill approval.

The bill confers 12-year exclusivity, rather than seven years for the development of new biologics, which often take longer to develop at an extremely high cost.

Unlike pill formula drugs, biologics are taken through injections or intravenously and the biologic process may take $80–150m to develop and test.

The Cancer Immunotherapy Index includes Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Immunocellular Therapuetics, Dendreon, Oncothyreon, Antigenics Biovest International, Celldex Therapeutics, Northwest Biotherapeutics, CEL – SCI Corp and Generex Biotechnology, Antigen Express and Quantum Immunologics.