A triple combination antiviral drug (TCAD) developed by Adamas Pharmaceuticals has been well tolerated in a pilot clinical study of immunocompromised patients with influenza A.

The study, conducted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, and Seattle Children’s Hospital, validated the theory that the combination of three antivirals can be of virologic and clinical benefit to patients.

The open-label, randomised study measured a combination of
amantadine and ribavirin administered with oseltamivir against oseltamivir monotherapy to assess the safety, tolerability and virologic benefit.

Seven patients with influenza A were enrolled for the study.

Study data showed that up to ten days of TCAD therapy had been well tolerated, with five of six TCAD-treated patients who completed the study achieving a clinical response on the tenth day, while the single patient in the monotherapy treatment did not respond to 20 days of treatment.

The monotherapy patient developed an oseltamivir resistant strain by the seventh day, which persisted until the end of the treatment, leading to the shedding of a multidrug-resistant influenza strain.