Postmenopausal women who have type 2 diabetes and take thiazolidinediones (TZDs) have an increased risk of fractures, a study has shown.

Men with type 2 diabetes taking loop diuretics and TZDs are also at risk.

Researchers used data from Translating Research into Action for Diabetes to conduct a matched case-control study that assessed the odds of TZD exposure in patients with type 2 diabetes, with or without fractures.

About 786 cases of diabetic patients with fracture and 2,657 of diabetic patients without fracture have been identified by researchers through the study.

The study results showed that women who were more than 50 years old and had fractures were more likely to have filed for TZDs prescriptions compared to their matched controls.

Men with fractures were more likely have filed for TZDs and diuretics when compared to the matched controls, although TZDs or diuretics alone did not pose significant risks.

William Herman of the University of Michigan said that physicians should weigh the benefits and risks when they prescribe or renew prescriptions for TZDs.

“Future studies, particularly long-term, prospective, and randomised clinical trials will be needed to conclusively demonstrate small to moderate harm,” Herman said.