Novartis has reported positive Phase III study results of Fluad, a seasonal influenza vaccine containing the Novartis MF59 adjuvant.

The study showed that Fluad was successful at protecting infants and young children against seasonal influenza.

The drug met the study’s primary endpoints, demonstrating 89% efficacy against disease caused by vaccine-matched strains, compared with 45% efficacy for the non-adjuvanted seasonal influenza vaccines group.

In addition, Fluad showed an acceptable tolerability profile, similar to the non-adjuvanted influenza vaccines used in the study.

The randomised, blinded and controlled study enrolled more than 4,700 children and was conducted in Germany and Finland.

Novartis MF59 adjuvant has been designed to improve immune response to vaccine antigens, and Fluad is the only commercially-available vaccine which contains Novartis MF59 adjuvant.