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Israel-based generic drug manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals has launched a generic version of AstraZeneca’s antipsychotic drug Seroquel just hours after another failed bid to protect its patent.

AstraZeneca has been frantically trying to protect Seroquel by launching a number of lawsuits in both the US and UK, failing with its latest bid to sue the US Food and Drug Administration over its stance on the drug.

The case, which saw AstraZeneca sue the regulator after it denied its Citizen Petitions request that the FDA withhold the approval of generic versions of Seroquel that did not include warnings relating to hyperglycaemia and suicidal thoughts, was thrown out of a US court on Monday.

The decision came as a further blow to the company, which had previously been hit by the UK High Court determining that the patent on Seroquel XR, an extended-release version of the drug, was not valid after a legal challenge from various generic drug makers.

Now Teva has announced its decision to launch copies of Seroquel and Seroquel XL on day one of patent expiry, with the generic versions being offered at significantly cheaper prices in comparison to what AstraZeneca is currently charging for the brand name.

Teva has confirmed that it will charge $6.08 for a supply of 25mg coated Seroquel tablets, whereas AstraZeneca are currently charging $40.50 for the same supply.

AstraZeneca are now set to take a substantial hit to their earnings as a result, as 2011 sales of Seroquel are estimated to be around $1.49bn.


Caption: AstraZeneca headquarters, located in London, UK. Credit: AstraZeneca