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About Us

Pharmaceutical-technology.com is the only website focusing specifically on issues relevant to pharmaceutical professionals working with technology, be it development, engineering, IT or production.

Pharmaceutical-technology.com brings you the latest in industry projects and updates, along with the news, views and trends that leading professionals – from senior executives to manufacturing managers and heads of procurement – require to stay on top of their field.

Our international scope allows us to examine all pharmaceutical markets closely, from biotechnology to therapeutics, vaccines and more.

When you combine this with one of the most comprehensive and detailed listings of pharmaceutical equipment suppliers, products and services, free white paper downloads and company press releases, you can see why pharmaceutical-technology.com is the key point of reference for the pharma industry.

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Our policy of continuously updating our websites ensures that industry professionals can rely on our coverage of international pharmaceutical industry developments to inform their decisions when specifying or procuring products or services.

Pharmaceutical-technology.com users include senior executives, manufacturing managers, heads of procurement and those involved in research and development within major pharmaceutical firms.

Position Company Country
Consultant ABB UK
Manager Abbott Europe
Pharmacist Accenture North America
Supply Project Manager Actelion UK
Business Development Manager Akzo Nobel Europe
Manager Alfa Laval Middle East
European Business Development Manager Almac Group Limited UK
Quality Control Amgen Central & South America
Purchasing Manager Aspen Pharmacare Africa
Head of R&D Astramedical North America
Director of Operations Astrazeneca North America
Director Astrazeneca UK
VP Tech Development Avanza North America
Design Control Co-ordinator Baxter Europe
Senior Labeling Manager Bayer Health Care Europe
Production Manager Bayer S.A. Central & South America
Engineer Becton Dickinson North America
Product Manager Belimed Europe
Senior Executive Bicon Asia
Senior Scientist Boehringer Ingelheim North America
Clinical Research Associate Boehringer Ingelheim Europe
Business Development Cambrex North America
Marketing Manager Drug Information Association Europe
Research Associate Ecron AcuNova Asia
Sterility Assurance Leader Eli Lilly North America
Head of Marketing & Communications Endress+Hauser North America
Director Enorza S.A. Central & South America
Manager of Production Equiplex Central & South America
Marketing Manager ExL Pharma Corporation North America
Marketing Manager Fisher Scientific Gmbh Europe
Supply Chain Manager Forest Labs North America
Product Manager GE Healthcare Asia
Export Manager Gemini International Asia
Project Manager GlaxoSmithKline Europe
Validation Coordinator GlaxoSmithKline Australia
Head – Quality Glenmark Generics Asia
Scientist Impax North America
Business Intelligence Manager Johnson & Johnson Europe
Director Healthcare Compliance Johnson & Johnson North America
Product Manager Merck Asia
Packaging Unit Director Merck Europe
Global Labelling Director Mylan Pharmaceuticals UK
Business Development Novartis Middle East & North America
Head of Pharmaceutical Development Novartis Europe
Pharmacist Pfizer Africa
Manager Pfizer Australia
Chemist Ranbaxy North America
Product Manager Roche North America
Clinical Research Director Sanofi – Aventis North America
Assistant Research Head Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Asia
Associate Director Teva Pharmaceuticals Middle East & North America
Principle Research Scientist Wyeth North America
Development Manager Zentiva Europe

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“We have been working with our account manager and his team on Pharmaceutical Technology for over 10 years. We really appreciate their professionalism, their quick response time and constructive feedback. They are always proactive in assisting us with publishing and creating content and have very deep knowledge and understanding of the digital world of marketing.”

Head of Marketing and Communications
Dividella AG

“We are happy with the results achieved to improve our SEO and are very pleased that together we have found an efficient and focused way of cooperating, which goes straight to the core points, and saves me a lot of time. Clear questions and fast actions following.”

Marketing Manager
Medelpharm S.A.

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Marketing Manager
Novo Nordisk Pharmatech

“We have been working with Pharmaceutical Technology since 2013. During that time they have always been helpful and professional. We find their platform to be a useful way to promote NSF’s marketing collateral of whitepapers, videos and webinars to a wide population of leading pharma and biotech executives across the globe.”

Senior Marketing Manager
NSF International

“Referenced for several years on the website, we had the opportunity to test the reactivity of the team and its proactivity to adapt its offer to our needs. The good visibility of the website allowed us to acclaim the reputation of our specific technology in the pharmaceutical industry. I particularly enjoy notifications or visit reports that allows us to discover our audience in unexpected areas. It’s a mine to find and test new business opportunities. Thanks to the whole team!”

Head of PFM SuperCritical Division
Pierre Fabre Laboratories

We manufacture transdermal drug delivery systems and medical grade films, liners and laminates for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We have been using pharmaceutical technology for at least two years as a way to increase awareness of our capabilities and drive relevant traffic to our web site.
We would recommend this service to others as a valuable resource for pharmaceutical information.

Sales & Validation Manager
Mylan Technologies Inc.

We are a Softgel equipment supplier for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries, and have been on the site for over three years. We have received numerous enquires from this source and would recommend the site to others.

Head of Research & Development
Pharmagel Engineering

Good Morning –

I am looking for a contract manufacturing facility to support a phase III clinical trial of the lead product of my small biotech company, XXXXXX. We have currently produced drug product for Phase I and Phase II studies but do not have the facilities for large scale, GMP production required for Phase III. Phase I enrollment has completed. The product is cell culture based, and the product is for XXXXXXXXX. Do your facilities support this type of work?

Thank you in advance for your help regarding this matter.

Required: 1kg of Pentagastrin API for Phase I/II clinical studies.

I am interested in High Speed Automatic Plant for MFG empty hard gelatine capsules.

Kindly be informed that we are looking for suppliers for Amber Flat Glass Bottles with the following Specifications:

�Nominal Capacity: 120ml
�Brimful Capacity: 130ml
�Type of finish (Neck Diameter): 22mm
�Height: 127mm
�Body Diameter: 53mm
�Qty: 400.000 – 500,000 bottles

If you are interested please contact me.

Please provide price
quotation on synthesis
of the following cyclic
peptides for
1) 50 mg quantity
2) 1000 mg quantity


They should be TFA
Many thanks

Dear Sirs,

Could you give me a quote for the following?

regular 9-mer peptides

fluorescently labelled 9-mer peptide (FITC, rhodamine, … ,any label that’s bright, stable, cheap and suitable for FACS)
label on the lysine sidechain

fluorescently labelled 10-mer peptide (FITC, rhodamine, … ,any label that’s bright, stable, cheap and suitable for FACS)
label on the cysteine sidechain

90 to 95% pure (please specify)
minimal amount

XXXXXXX is commercializing a
family of XXXX-patented,
synthetic self-assembling
peptide hydrogels for
applications in advanced cell
culture, cell-based therapies,
and medical devices. Our
oligopeptides are linear 16mer
and self-assemble to for
macrostructures. We are
actively searching for a toll
manufacturing partner to meet
current 10-100kg scale demand in
both GLP and GMP quality
levels. Please contact me.

We heard of the “Air Sampler” equipment ****** is manufacturing. We need that item. Quote price.

We are interested in buying the Plethysometer and water cell 12mm (for mice) and 18 mm (for rats) as optional accessories. Please send us a proforma invoice by fax so we can compare it with others.

Please send me a quote for 0.1 gram (not milligram) of H-1256 (rec HIV-1 Protease exp. in E.coli).

We are in the process of reviewing vendors for LIMS systems. Could you please have a sales representative contact me?

I am interested in pricing for DNA isolation (approximately 200 samples) and genotyping for approximately 20 candidate gene polymorphisms (I can provide a list if necessary).

I am interested in setting up a high throughput SNP cattle identification system in our laboratory. Please send me information on the services offered by ***** in relation to GENERATION and DETECTION of BOVINE SNPs.