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Pharmaceutical-technology.com is the only website focusing specifically on issues relevant to pharmaceutical professionals working with technology, be it development, engineering, IT or production.

Pharmaceutical-technology.com brings you the latest in industry projects and updates, along with the news, views and trends that leading professionals – from senior executives to manufacturing managers and heads of procurement – require to stay on top of their field.

Our international scope allows us to examine all pharmaceutical markets closely, from biotechnology to therapeutics, vaccines and more.

When you combine this with one of the most comprehensive and detailed listings of pharmaceutical equipment suppliers, products and services, free white paper downloads and company press releases, you can see why pharmaceutical-technology.com is the key point of reference for the pharma industry.

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Our team of search engine marketers are dedicated to continuously improving our clients’ web rankings. Our unique approach to marketing and established techniques have a long history of proven results across all major search engines.

Client profiles are continuously monitored to ensure that they are fully optimised and that traffic drawn to their profile is also being directed to their own websites.

We have an extensive skill base in three main areas of search engine optimisation:

  • An editorial team producing expert web optimised copy
  • An online marketing team monitoring the effectiveness of our clients’ profiles and working on link-building and other SEO techniques
  • A programming team creating highly optimised code


We have invested heavily in proving the direct value of our web-based services to our clients. All our websites use the industry-leading reporting software, Webtrends. Our clients automatically receive basic reports containing everything they need to measure the return on their marketing expenditure. In addition, we offer advanced reports for clients that are looking to find out more detailed information to help them with their own marketing activities.

The unique resources of Kable harness the power and potential of the Internet.
The intensive and continuous promotion of our sites to named senior personnel
ensures that they are a bookmarked option for senior management throughout
the pharmaceutical industry on a global basis. Advanced search engine marketing
and optimisation techniques bring proven results on all major search engines, which
direct traffic to our sites and, from there, to our clients’ own home pages.

Our policy of continuously updating our websites ensures that industry professionals
can rely on our coverage of international pharmaceutical industry developments to
inform their decisions when specifying or procuring products or services.

Pharmaceutical-technology.com users include
senior executives, manufacturing managers, heads of procurement and those involved
in research and development within major pharmaceutical firms.

Position Company Country
Consultant ABB UK
Manager Abbott Europe
Pharmacist Accenture North America
Supply Project Manager Actelion UK
Business Development Manager Akzo Nobel Europe
Manager Alfa Laval Middle East
European Business Development Manager Almac Group Limited UK
Quality Control Amgen Central & South America
Purchasing Manager Aspen Pharmacare Africa
Head of R&D Astramedical North America
Director of Operations Astrazeneca North America
Director Astrazeneca UK
VP Tech Development Avanza North America
Design Control Co-ordinator Baxter Europe
Senior Labeling Manager Bayer Health Care Europe
Production Manager Bayer S.A. Central & South America
Engineer Becton Dickinson North America
Product Manager Belimed Europe
Senior Executive Bicon Asia
Senior Scientist Boehringer Ingelheim North America
Clinical Research Associate Boehringer Ingelheim Europe
Business Development Cambrex North America
Marketing Manager Drug Information Association Europe
Research Associate Ecron AcuNova Asia
Sterility Assurance Leader Eli Lilly North America
Head of Marketing & Communications Endress+Hauser North America
Director Enorza S.A. Central & South America
Manager of Production Equiplex Central & South America
Marketing Manager ExL Pharma Corporation North America
Marketing Manager Fisher Scientific Gmbh Europe
Supply Chain Manager Forest Labs North America
Product Manager GE Healthcare Asia
Export Manager Gemini International Asia
Project Manager GlaxoSmithKline Europe
Validation Coordinator GlaxoSmithKline Australia
Head – Quality Glenmark Generics Asia
Scientist Impax North America
Business Intelligence Manager Johnson & Johnson Europe
Director Healthcare Compliance Johnson & Johnson North America
Product Manager Merck Asia
Packaging Unit Director Merck Europe
Global Labelling Director Mylan Pharmaceuticals UK
Business Development Novartis Middle East & North America
Head of Pharmaceutical Development Novartis Europe
Pharmacist Pfizer Africa
Manager Pfizer Australia
Chemist Ranbaxy North America
Product Manager Roche North America
Clinical Research Director Sanofi – Aventis North America
Assistant Research Head Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Asia
Associate Director Teva Pharmaceuticals Middle East & North America
Principle Research Scientist Wyeth North America
Development Manager Zentiva Europe


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We manufacture transdermal drug delivery systems and medical grade films, liners and laminates for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We have been using pharmaceutical technology for at least two years as a way to increase awareness of our capabilities and drive relevant traffic to our web site.
We would recommend this service to others as a valuable resource for pharmaceutical information.
Mylan Technologies Inc.
Sales & Validation Manager
Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

We are a Softgel equipment supplier for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries, and have been on the site for over three years.
We have received numerous enquires from this source and would recommend the site to others.
Pharmagel Engineering
Head of Research & Development

Veronica Peviani
Veronica Peviani

The Air Force technology web site has proved to be a
valuable marketing asset, assisting in market penetration of countries and
markets where we have previously been unable to gain access. As a company we now
enjoy greater customer diversification than we had before joining Air Force
technology. We look forward to continuing this trend.
Aviation Spares International Ltd.
Chief Buyer

Bill Stanford
Bill Stanford

Being in the military aerospace industry I think an ad on this web is a must. I’m very pleased with it so far and I’m sure many of the inquiries I get come from airforce-technology. I’m also very impressed with the total number of projects, companies etc. on the web.
Ericsson Saab Avionics AB
Director of Communications and PR

Lars Olsson
Lars Olsson

ABB Automation Systems AB has been present on the mining-technology site for almost two years. We are satisfied with the site and see it as a very good complement to our own site. It is positive that many of the actors of the mining industry are present which makes it attractive for many customers. The result has been several interesting business contacts for us.

ABB Automation Systems AB
Mikael Grage
Mikael Grage

The Railway Technology website has proved to be an important aid to
SNC-Lavalin’s international efforts. The site has helped introduce our organisation to numerous potential clients and partners worldwide, and achieve a significant increase in awareness throughout the industry of SNC-Lavalin’s Total Transit Solution approach to development of transit systems.

Senior Vice President

Mark Loader
Mark Loader

Working in the railway industry, Siemens Transportation systems
has found railway-technology a highly international, professional website that has provided us with enquiries and new contacts. Since we have been advertising on it the site has proved to be a valuable marketing tool.

Siemens AG
Group Communications and External Relations

Gerd Lussen
Gerd Lussen

kable websites have provided the kind of large scale Internet presence and visibility
that have contributed to making ThermoDyne one of the fastest growing
companies in the high temperature insulation industry. The flexibility,
service, support and effectiveness of kable and its representatives have been
an encouraging challenge to our own marketing staff in striving for
excellence, and I have had no reservations about personally recommending
their services to associates, vendors and our clientele around the world.
Product Manager

Jack Magruder
Jack Magruder

Mobilecomms Technology search engine marketing techniques mean that
potential customers using the Internet to source their required equipment
find our page above all others. As a result, we receive sales enquiries and
increased traffic to our own company website and have improved our standing
in markets we are familiar with as well as new areas.
Global Director Public Relations

Joerg Springer
Joerg Springer

We are convinced that Mobilecomms Technology is a good medium which can help us in the future gain access to countries and markets we have not reached before. Therefore we’ll carry on using this site The professionalism of the mobilecomms technology team is remarkable and we trust that we’ll benefit from it.
Marketing and Communication Manager

Odile Nizon
Odile Nizon

We are now entering our third year with Airport Technology. We have found
this particular website to be the primary source of enquiries from potential
customers. Our web address on the Google search engine has been
particularly successful insofar that it is number 1 & 2 on the first page
under Air Traffic Management Consultants, all thanks to Airport Technology.
We are now being contacted at an increasing pace as the aviation industry
starts to pick up from the past two rather quiet years. I should also
mention that I use your site to look for companies that can help us. I have
already recommended the site to other companies. I feel sure that, as the
site continues to develop, it will become one of the world’s primary search
sites for the aviation industry and their customers.
SAL Consultants

Douglas Spragg
Douglas Spragg

As one of our subsidiaries, Peiniger RöRo is a company located in Germany, dealing with projects and customers all over the globe. The Internet in general and the Roadtraffic Technology site of kable in particular have provided us with the means to inform our customers about our services on a more efficient and economical scale. The Key Word Search Function is an interesting feature we have come to appreciate as an option that will give us a leading edge going far beyond search engines as such.
ThyssenKrupp Services

Advertising department
Gaby Adamy
Gaby Adamy

We are very pleased with the service Army Technology provides. Potential customers are able to cut through the internet clutter, and find our information right away. I would encourage any company with a product or service of interest to the defense community, to consider listing with your site.
Heflin Steel Division of the ESCO Corp.

Armour Products Manager
Gregg Wiggins
Gregg Wiggins

Kvaerner Eureka is a Norwegian Company within the Defence area. Our
Customers are located all over the World. In order to reach the international market with our services and products in a cost-effective manner we are, among other things, using the kable
website “Army Technology”. Our experience so far is very good. We have received enquiries from existing customers as well as potential customers. Our advertising at the Army Technology website is a part of our advertising strategy, and as long as it is beneficial for our company we will continue to use kable websites.
Kvaerner Eureka

Alf G Borstad
Alf G Borstad

OWR is the leading specialist in NBC protection, detection and decontamination. Since OWR’s founding in the late 40’s we have supplied safety equipment, special vehicles and decontamination systems to the military and civil defence worldwide. Working with kable has been a substantial part of our online marketing strategy. With Kable’s worldwide reach we have increased business with existing and new customers. The NBC equipment section is a good reflection of the industry, something no other website has yet provided. We are looking forward to continuing our business with kable in not only increasing business, but also awareness of OWR within the NBC field.

Shahriar Maleki
Shahriar Maleki

Lantal Textiles is a leading designer, manufacturer, and service provider in the domain of soft interiors for air, rail, and bus transportation authorities around the world. Our presence on the Aerospace Technology and Railway Technology platforms launched by kable Ltd support our measures to enhance industry awareness of our brand, our products, and our services. The profiles have demonstrably directed additional traffic to our website and are generating quality leads.
Lantal Textiles – Transportation Fashion

Director Brand Dialog
Rolf Loepfe
Rolf Loepfe

Army-Technology.com provides Gichner Shelter Systems with high quality exposure to our existing and potential customers. Our participation in the web site is a significant part of our online marketing strategy and directly supports our own internet activities. We get solid, well qualified referrals which are helping fuel our growth in the worldwide tactical and logistical shelter market. Army-Technology.com is also helping us increase our brand recognition outside our core market area and has proven to be a valuable sales and marketing tool.
Gichner Shelter Systems

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Scott D. Sarine
Scott D. Sarine

PCI has given our company the opportunity for the highest level of exposure on a global scale. kable is a first class company that exemplifies the highest levels of professionalism.
Acucote Inc.

Lynn G. Crutchfield
Lynn G. Crutchfield

Global Armour has been working with Army Technology for over two years and have found their site to be an invaluable part of our marketing strategy. We have gained new agents through their web site and also won our largest single order from a direct enquiry generated by Army Technology.
Global Armour SA (Pty) Ltd

Chief Executive Officer
Richard Garland
Richard Garland

Thanks to PCI we have gained many leads in new markets. This really helped to portray our brand and new technologies!
Drent Goebel

Director of Marketing and Sales
Rob Schellekens
Rob Schellekens

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. manufactures oil in water and oil in soil analyzers for the offshore market. Our primary customers use our instruments for produced water discharge monitoring. We make both hand held oil in water analyzers and continuous on-line monitors. We launched our new TD-500 hand held oil in water analyzer 2 1/2 years ago on the Offshore-Technology and Hydrocarbons-Technology websites with emphasis on press releases and technical details. By far, our investment in both web sites has been the most fruitful of all our advertising dollars. We receive a continuous flow of highly qualified leads from both web sites generated by customers seeking solutions to problems our instruments solve. I always recommend your kable web sites to my colleagues in the industry as the best place to showcase their products. As we grow into other markets, we plan to use other kable sites to promote our products. Thank you for your great products.
Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.

Gary Bartman
Gary Bartman

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. manufactures oil in water and oil in soil analyzers for the offshore market. Our primary customers use our instruments for produced water discharge monitoring. We make both hand held oil in water analyzers and continuous on-line monitors. We launched our new TD-500 hand held oil in water analyzer 2 1/2 years ago on the Offshore-Technology and Hydrocarbons-Technology websites with emphasis on press releases and technical details. By far, our investment in both web sites has been the most fruitful of all our advertising dollars. We receive a continuous flow of highly qualified leads from both web sites generated by customers seeking solutions to problems our instruments solve. I always recommend your kable web sites to my colleagues in the industry as the best place to showcase their products. As we grow into other markets, we plan to use other kable sites to promote our products. Thank you for your great products.
Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.

Gary Bartman
Gary Bartman

Being active in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry ALSTOM Power has found offshore-technology a very useful, professional website that has provided numerous enquiries and new contacts internationally. The site has proved to be a useful marketing tool for us covering our relevant topics and projects.

PCI has provided Packsys Global with great branding and market coverage to the the global packaging sector. As a company they have always operated with a high level of professionalism
Packsys Global Ltd
Factory Manager

Kurt Bachmann
Kurt Bachmann

For us, Packaging and Converting Intelligence is a professional platform of international stature that helps us present our innovations to a global audience.

Huber Group
Advertising Manager

Rainer Herbst
Rainer Herbst

The experience of being part of the publication has been a thoroughly enjoyable one, PCI provides a first rate service in terms of product and professionalism – we look forward to doing more work with you.

Bericap GmbH
Managing Director

Günter Krautkraemer
Günter Krautkraemer

As an international manufacturer of Architectural Rigging we have found working
in the DesignBuild Network and IDBI magazine a necessity.
It helps make sure that we stay in direct contact with the major organisations around the world.
It has proven to be a most reliable source for generating new business contact for us.
Sta Lok
Andrew Buckingham
Andrew Buckingham

LEAF Contractors gave us the opportunity to strenghten our knowledge by networking and sharing experiences
LEAF contractors delegate

Very interesting formula, lots of new material
Ozone Architect Studios

You guys have done a fab job
HOK International

As a result of the investment we have made in this opportunity we have had a number of UK MoD enquiries,one of which has resulted in a potential order. The web site has been a very good way of getting our name and cooperate information in front of many influential people within the UK MoD as well as associated defence companies.
Hutchinson – Rodgard
UK Sales Manager

Barry Robertson
Barry Robertson

The contacts I have made over the last 3 days will be vital for my business in the coming years.
DeAngelis Associates

Perfectly organised, highly efficient. Great atmosphere

Associate Partner, Kleihues & Kleihues

We were very impressed with the report, thanks.

EMEA, Outsourcing


Thanks for all the support, we are very pleased with the supplement.

Fujitsu Consulting Services
Managed Services


Very pleased with the quality of the magazine, wraparound placement of the ad/article and timely distribution of copies. Thank you!
American Express Incentive Services
Sales & Marketing


Very professionally prepared and published. Our content was very well placed, laying a focus on our capabilities. The CEO team worked in a professional manner and were very good at keeping up with their clients’ needs
Siemens Business Services


As a leader in the field of inventory management, enabling companies to trade surplus stock for procuring media opportunities, Active International is proud to have participated in Finance Director Europe. This journal offers an important pulse on initiatives and innovations for the European CFO community and provides excellent ROI. A series of promotional editorials by Active International in 2004 and 2005 generated sales enquiries and expertly conveyed our message
Active International, Inc
Executive Vice President and CFO

Rich Vendig
Rich Vendig

kable provide a quality service enabling us to make contact with many potential clients.

Beijing Hengju UK Ltd
Ian Barker
Ian Barker

Thanks for sending me a copy of Medical Device Developments, in which we find our company’s advertisement on page 83. I’m very much pleased with the quality of the advertisement and the placement next to the article Device packaging developments.
Vitalo Packaging Belgium
General Manager

Ronny Debaere
Ronny Debaere

Avicenna Technology Inc is pleased with the results from its participation in the 2004 edition of MDD and has renewed for the 2005 edition. The volume of high quality responses from the world over has exceeded Avicenna’s expectations. The method by which these responses are forwarded is thorough and timely
Avicenna Technology
General Manager

Chad Carson
Chad Carson

SCHURTER’S advertisement in MDD 2004 provided several of our customers within the medical appliance sector to access our company and product information. We appreciated the high quality responses that enabled us to demonstrate our competence herein. Proceeding with this announcement is the logical consequence.
Marketing Manager

Martin Tobler
Martin Tobler

W.C. Heraeus is pleased with the results from its advertisement in the 2004 edition of MDD and has renewed for the 2005 edition. The service by which these responses are forwarded is thorough and timely and the feedback from all over the world has exceeded our expectations.
Heraeus GmbH
Vice President W.C.

Dr. Jürgen Wachter
Dr. Jürgen Wachter

LASAG Industrial-Lasers is pleased with the feedback of our advertisements in the Medical Device Developments. Participating since many years, we very much appreciate the professional service of the MDD team. We are looking forward to the 2005 edition now.
Sales & Marketing Director

Dr Dietmar Wagner
Dr Dietmar Wagner

The European Commercial Real Estate Group at Deutsche Bank, a leader in European commercial mortgage lending and CMBS, was very happy working with FDE. The editorial process and their ability to adapt to changing timetables and requirements was very good. FDE’s feedback in terms of reader inquiry related to interviews and hits on the FDE website were very helpful and informative. This provided a real measure of the impact of the pieces which is usually sorely lacking
Deutsche Bank AG London
European Commercial Real Estate Group

Clive Bull
Clive Bull

I found the content to be absolutely wonderful. These types of publications usually only keep my attention for a few minutes, but IT Leadership got my full attention and I read it cover to cover. Great job and keep it up
Pegasus Communications, Inc.
Vice President, IT and Network Operations

Andy Rosen
Andy Rosen

Attending LEAF has proved to be a very worthwhile experience
ZM Architecture

LEAF has improved every year. Keep up the good work
Lund and Valentin
Architectural MD

LEAF has exceeded all my expectations
Space Craft Architects

The evolving changes that are underway in how industry finds and develops new energy supplies are creating a new reality for all of us – a reality that presents significant challenges and places a premium on sound management systems and decision making…The response to these new challenges is technology. Technology is the lifeblood of our ability to pursue opportunities in new geographic locations and ever-harsher climates.
Exxon Mobil Corporation

Rex W. Tillerson
Rex W. Tillerson

Working in the mobile communications industry, 2N has found Mobilecomms Technology to be a professional and successful site that has provided us with new contacts and sales leads throughout the world.
Sales and Marketing Director

Petr Cernousek
Petr Cernousek

I was pleased that LEAF-Contractors exceeded my expectations. I can’t think of any improvements that need to be made
Turner Construction International
European Manager

LEaf is valuable for making new contacts and maintaining old contacts.

Director, Terry Farrell & Partners

My team and I are very impressed with the CEO publication.
Xerox Corporation
Worldwide Marketing XGS


Thank you, Martin. I appreciate the work you’ve done to support us as an advertiser and supporter of CEO. It has been a good and worthy investment, and we will consider other opportunities with you along the way in the future.


When launching our assembly dedicated modular MES solutions for optimised process control and life cycle management, choosing Medical Device Developments as our long-term global partner has proven a timely, well judged decision.
FlexLink AB
global marketing manager

Anders Pihl
Anders Pihl

We hereby confirm that we subscribe to the web-page ship-technology.com, and have done that for some years.

We are very pleased with the response we have had, with a lot of interesting inquiries. Some of the inquiries has even led to contracts for delivery of lifeboats and rescueboats.

We can highly recommend this web page to other manufacturers.

Norsafe AS
Lillian Tønnessen
Lillian Tønnessen

I found your publication to be insightful and well-written, and I appreciate the executive level presentation and brevity.
Fortune 100 company
CIO from a

Very positive – please invite me again!
967 Arch

This is the third time at LEAF. It is more and more interesting each time
APA Wojciechowski

Competitiveness will be determined less by sheer size and asset holding and more by agility, speed of response, and capacity for innovation.
Ernst & Young
Global Head of Energy

Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson

Packaging Gateway has been an integral part of our online marketing campaign.It has helped Royston Labels achieve high visibility on the internet with top ranking results on the all the major search engines and therefore increased traffic to our page.We have also had excellent customer services with our account manager providing us with continued support throughout the year.I would happily recommend the Packaging Gateway web site as a valuable marketing tool.
Royston Labels Limited
Marketing Controller

Abi Pearson
Abi Pearson

The forum was an excellent use of our time and resources and allowed us to spread the word on Centria to a quality audience of decision makers from the international architectural community.

It was great to see that the architects there were as eager to learn from us as we were to impart our product knowledge. The organizers have to be commended for inviting a quality group of architects for whom the event must have been as worthwhile as it was for us suppliers


Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones

Since LMB Honeywell joined the Aerospace Technology web site, we have seen our Google Ranking results improve dramatically, received some adequate inquiries in term of potential, technical needs & quality of customers, and registered direct orders. This web site fulfils our expectations.
LMB Honeywell

ISC Site leader
Claude Mercier
Claude Mercier

Knapheide, is one of the the leading German manufacturers of a variety of hydraulic system-components including high-pressure hoses for mining and industrial purposes.We are pleased to state that we are very satisfied with the performance and our presence on the mining-site. We have been on the site for five years and our export-quota has gone up from 8 to 15% . This is to a great extent due to the contacts & visibility made via this
professionally managed site.

Thanks Mining Technology !

For us, being part of the Packaging-Gateway.com website is a perfect option to present our products and innovations to a global audience. Packaging Gateway provides a first rate service in terms of product and professionalism – we look forward to doing more work with you.
Bericap GmbH & Co
Manager Communication
Dorothea Diehl
Dorothea Diehl

Food Processing Technology has been an integrated part of our online marketing strategy within Food and Dairy for more than one year. This has lead to increased enquiries and contact to customers we have not been in touch with earlier. We have also had excellent service from our account manager who continously keeps us updated and provides us with support and suggests new online activities in order to have the best possible online appereance.

We are happy to recommend Food Processing Technology as an integrated online tool.
Anhydro group
Director Marketing & Communication
Anne Adstofte

Anne Adstofte

We at Dorce Prefabricated Building and Construction Ind. Trade Inc. are very pleased with the service Army Technology provides. We have recieved so many enquiries from Customers and it has also helped us increase our brand recognition outside our core market area.
DORCE Prefabricated Building and Const.
Business Development Representative
Gokhan UYGUN (Mr)

Gokhan UYGUN (Mr)

Power Technology has provided us with qualified sales leads which have amounted to orders. We are also pleased with our improved internet presence and have seen an increase of traffic to our own website as a result. We have worked with Power Technology for four years and continue working with them because it provides us with a solid return on our investment with continuous support over the years of a dedicated and conscientious account management service.
Aalborg Engineering A/S
Construction Engineer
Kenneth Mortensen

Kenneth Mortensen

Speakers were all good.
Debenhams Plc
Director of Finance and Planning
(at Breakfast Briefing)
Neil Kennedy

(at Breakfast Briefing)<br>Neil Kennedy

Excellent insights
KBC Peel Hunt
Head of Business Development
(at Breakfast Briefing)
Adam Hart

(at Breakfast Briefing)<br>Adam Hart

Real life experience, linking M&A to shared services/BPO support
Chazey Ltd
(at Breakfast Briefing)
Phil Searle

(at Breakfast Briefing)<br />Phil Searle

This is the second year of Theon Sensors of subscription to the army-technology site. We are satisfied with our membership to the site. According to my opinion some of the unique benefits are given below:

  • Ability to include cross-links of our products with the main project/product (eg. link our night driver’s viewer with the Leopard 2 main battle tank)
  • Ability to post press releases
  • Ability to trace the users who download our product brochures

In general the site has been very useful tool to promote our products and to establish representatives for our products in other countries.

Theon Sensors S.A.
Commercial Director
Nikolaos Katsimitros
Nikolaos Katsimitros

GSF was extremely valuable in developing new relationships with key decision makers in our industry. It was well organised and a very efficient use of our time. We will definitely attend again next year.

President and COO

It is a great opportunity for all the people in same industry to meet and know each other better in short time.

1st Silicon
Manufacturing Director

Very well organised event…one-to-one meetings very useful. Excellent interaction with key industry suppliers.

Chartered Semiconductor

Valuable and productive meetings with the RIGHT people in the industry. Much more focused on the semiconductor industry than other events.
Microsemi Corporation

Corporate VP

A very warm welcome and great ‘get-to-know-each-other’ activities. Quick access to remote suppliers with follow-up arrangements.

VIA Technologies


Interesting opportunity to improve networking with suppliers and delegates from different IC industries.


An intense opportunity to meet customers all in one location.
Jusung Engineering

VP Marketing

Useful for me to meet smaller suppliers I’ve never been exposed to with an interesting view of Asia’s coverage by suppliers.
ST Microelectronics

FTM General Manager

Good programme that provides an excellent opportunity for networking with my peers.
Texas Instruments

Platform Director

Good gathering of leaders in the industry!

VP Technology

I believe this is a GREAT business model.


Excellent networking for running and future business. Due to the fact the Kable team was really very involved in the time after the formal business we stayed more together ‘after business’.

VP Purchasing

Due to the format this forum is A BREED APART, meeting format is great. I was very pleased with the pre-arranged meetings.
PDF Solutions

A very informal way to conduct formal business.
Hana Semiconductor

Excellent opportunity for one-to-one meetings, good quality of buying influences.

Some useful new business opportunities to be explored.
VP Strategic Marketing

This is third year that our company has a profile on Ship-Technology. During these years, we have became a recognizable name on the market for metal furniture producers. Several companies have contacted us through your website and many are now regular clients. All that was possible thanks to our advertisement on Ship Technology.

We are satisfied with the cooperation from your company and our profile will stay on the website in the future. We also have a profile on Naval Technology which helps to expand the number of clients. We can highly recommend your website to all companies, especially those who have just started their business on the marine market.
Sales and Quality Manager

Maja Zygzula
Maja Zygzula

The Army, Navy, Air Force and Aerospace technology profiles are extremely helpful in researching the Defense Industry, domestic and international. When searching for information on defense products or suppliers the pages rank very highly within search engines, making them easy to find. Overall this is a great tool for researching for competition or potential collaboration.
Lockheed Martin
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson

The Army, Navy, Air Force and Aerospace technology profiles are extremely helpful in researching the Defense Industry, domestic and international. When searching for information on defense products or suppliers the pages rank very highly within search engines, making them easy to find. Overall this is a great tool for researching for competition or potential collaboration.
Lockheed Martin
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson

The Army, Navy, Air Force and Aerospace technology profiles are extremely helpful in researching the Defense Industry, domestic and international. When searching for information on defense products or suppliers the pages rank very highly within search engines, making them easy to find. Overall this is a great tool for researching for competition or potential collaboration.
Lockheed Martin
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson

Over the past four years Biwater has found Water Technology to be a great marketing tool and source for new enquiries within the water industry. A really easy and comprehensive site to access and a definite recommendation for increased online visibility
Biwater Plc
Marketing and Communications

Hana Grady
Hana Grady

Army Technology has really helped our drive in spreading the word across the defence market. A great tool which is leading to vehicles being sold throughout the year.
Streit Manufacturing Inc
International sales and marketing manager

Mr Florin fleseriu
Mr Florin fleseriu

We produce fruit and vegetable ingredients for the global food industry. The assortment comprises juices, juice concentrates, purees, concentrated purees, compounds, IQF fruit, and Verifruit� (infused fruit). We have been on Food Processing Technology for two years. The company profile has helped increase our brand awareness and traffic to our website. I would recommend this service to others as a valuable resource for food processing information.
SVZ International BV
Marketing Manager

Miek van Wijnbergen
Miek van Wijnbergen

2001 was the year in which Saia Burgess Gateshead Ltd started advertising within Medical Device Developments and the relationship is as strong as ever. We continue to advertise because the publication is strongly and accurately focussed on an important market for us. Medical Device Developments has enabled us to keep our product in front of our customers and penetrate the market to a greater degree, facilitating response from new customers. We are very happy with the presentation, content and professional services delivered. Saia Burgess product portfolio includes very quiet linear motors with a reliability and precision second to none specifically designed for the critical care environment.
Saia Burgess Gateshead Ltd
Sales Director

Simon Adams
Simon Adams

GSF2005 was well organised with meetings being kept on track and providing a good opportunity to meet with key decision makers. A fairly unique event!
MKS Instruments
President and COO

I would like to extend my thanks to the team for making this a beautiful entry.

Verena Mumford-Wolfensberger
Verena Mumford-Wolfensberger

The event was a great success – extremely well-arranged and time very well spent, superior to other events that we have attended.
General Manager

It is a very unique event and provides significant value to participants.
Agilient Technologies


Good Morning –

I am looking for a contract manufacturing facility to support a phase III clinical trial of the lead product of my small biotech company, XXXXXX. We have currently produced drug product for Phase I and Phase II studies but do not have the facilities for large scale, GMP production required for Phase III. Phase I enrollment has completed. The product is cell culture based, and the product is for XXXXXXXXX. Do your facilities support this type of work?

Thank you in advance for your help regarding this matter.



Required: 1kg of Pentagastrin API for Phase I/II clinical studies.



I am interested in High Speed Automatic Plant for MFG empty hard gelatine capsules.



Kindly be informed that we are looking for suppliers for Amber Flat Glass Bottles with the following Specifications:

�Nominal Capacity: 120ml
�Brimful Capacity: 130ml
�Type of finish (Neck Diameter): 22mm
�Height: 127mm
�Body Diameter: 53mm
�Qty: 400.000 – 500,000 bottles

If you are interested please contact me.



Please provide price
quotation on synthesis
of the following cyclic
peptides for
1) 50 mg quantity
2) 1000 mg quantity


They should be TFA
Many thanks



Dear Sirs,

Could you give me a quote for the following?

regular 9-mer peptides

fluorescently labelled 9-mer peptide (FITC, rhodamine, … ,any label that’s bright, stable, cheap and suitable for FACS)
label on the lysine sidechain

fluorescently labelled 10-mer peptide (FITC, rhodamine, … ,any label that’s bright, stable, cheap and suitable for FACS)
label on the cysteine sidechain

90 to 95% pure (please specify)
minimal amount



XXXXXXX is commercializing a
family of XXXX-patented,
synthetic self-assembling
peptide hydrogels for
applications in advanced cell
culture, cell-based therapies,
and medical devices. Our
oligopeptides are linear 16mer
and self-assemble to for
macrostructures. We are
actively searching for a toll
manufacturing partner to meet
current 10-100kg scale demand in
both GLP and GMP quality
levels. Please contact me.



We heard of the “Air Sampler” equipment ****** is manufacturing. We need that item. Quote price.



We are interested in buying the Plethysometer and water cell 12mm (for mice) and 18 mm (for rats) as optional accessories. Please send us a proforma invoice by fax so we can compare it with others.



Please send me a quote for 0.1 gram (not milligram) of H-1256 (rec HIV-1 Protease exp. in E.coli).



We are in the process of reviewing vendors for LIMS systems. Could you please have a sales representative contact me?



I am interested in pricing for DNA isolation (approximately 200 samples) and genotyping for approximately 20 candidate gene polymorphisms (I can provide a list if necessary).



I am interested in setting up a high throughput SNP cattle identification system in our laboratory. Please send me information on the services offered by ***** in relation to GENERATION and DETECTION of BOVINE SNPs.



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