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Akosua Mireku is a healthcare reporter for Pharmaceutical Technology. Akosua has a Bsc in medical physiology from the University of Manchester. She is particularly interested in topics in neuroscience, rare diseases, and global health equality

Akosua Mireku


The “Medical Bypass”: New drugs to strike obesity

The FDA has granted Mounjaro, drug that showed comparable potential to gastric bypass surgery, a Fast Track designation to treat obesity.

NICE questions value and efficacy of five Covid-19 drugs with rejection

This week, NICE rejected five major Covid-19 therapies due to high costs and uncertainties in clinical evidence.

Possible cause for Paxlovid rebound uncovered

A study researching Covid-19 symptoms suggests that Covid-19 rebound may occur regardless of Paxlovid treatment.

Pharma’s growth in Africa needs domestic focus and investment

Experts suggest that research into diseases that particularly affect people on the continent could be the key to the pharma sector’s growth.

What Rishi Sunak can do for the UK’s pharma industry

Amidst a swap in UK leadership, the pharmaceutical industry hopes Rishi Sunak will free up funding and boost the economy.

Inside the European mass shift to data-driven health solutions

European countries embrace electronic health records (EHRs) to improve healthcare as funding and innovation accelerate in the field.

Pharma’s ESG goals need to underscore push for health equity

New data outlines the potential benefits for the pharmaceutical industry of reducing health disparities to meet its ESG goals.

Novel CSF biomarkers signal new avenues for Parkinson’s therapeutics

A new study identifies a novel cerebrospinal fluid biomarker for Parkinson’s disease, expanding the scope of possible drug targets.

UK approves prescription-only melatonin drug for childhood ADHD

A new MHRA approval of melatonin for children with ADHD brings forth questions about the drug’s prescription-only status.

Inflation drives pharma manufacturing to focus on sustainability

Inflation is at an all-time high, opening an opportunity for CDMOs to invest in potentially cheaper sustainable alternatives.