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Clinical trials in Ukraine: Ensuring supply chain continuity during war

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has severely disrupted clinical trials in Europe, worsening already lengthy bottlenecks in the supply chain and reducing patient pools. In this article, we speak with experts at Oximio to find out how, despite all the challenges and disruption, they are continuing to successfully manage clinical supply chains and ensure shipments get to their intended destinations on time.

Preventing the spread of nontuberculous mycobacteria in water systems

There are many opportunities for nontuberculous mycobacteria to spread in water distribution systems. This can lead to serious lung infections in anyone, and people with weakened immune systems are particularly susceptible. We look at some of the potential transmission points of NTM in water systems, identify areas at highest risk, and explain how Pall’s suite of water filtration products can ensure safety in health facilities.

Going big: How cartridges are making large-volume, high-dose subcutaneous autoinjectors a reality

Recent innovations in drug delivery systems and their primary container options mean patients may soon be self-administering high-dose subcutaneous injections, including for cancer therapies, from the comfort of their own home.

Optimising biopharma production through process intensification

Process intensification has long been viewed in biopharma production as a means to increase production efficiency and reduce costs. Yet the pathway there is not always straightforward, there are a number of approaches that can be taken. New technologies are pivotal in delivering advances in process intensification, and we learn more about how the 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier can achieve this.

Africa: Unleashing the potential of the new superpower in clinical trials

Africa remains a largely untapped market for clinical trials, with data showing that the continent has a history of running significantly fewer clinical trials than other regions globally. But Africa has much to offer pharmaceutical companies in trialling new drugs. And the key to opening up the market lies in expertise in managing the supply chain and overcoming the varying regulations across 54 countries. We talk to clinical trial supply chain experts, Oximio, to learn more.

Resolving challenges with product recovery in biopharma manufacturing

As biopharmaceutical manufacturers try to intensify their upstream processes in order to reduce costs, we approach the limit of what can be achieved with traditional clarification technologies. This can result in reduced yields during clarification. We learn about the new technologies that are designed to deal with higher cell densities, dramatically increasing the yield of product by combining multiple steps into a single stage.

Finding a cure: How cell and gene therapies could revolutionise medicine

The potential for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) is transformational within healthcare, effectively providing the body with the tools to fix itself. ATMPs could offer cures for types of cancer, Alzheimer’s and haemophilia, or even help the patient’s brain to recover from a stroke. We speak to RoslinCT, an internationally recognised innovator in advanced therapeutics, to learn more about the medical breakthroughs under way in Scotland.

Overcoming challenges with scalability in biopharma manufacturing

Production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) therapies has traditionally been expensive and complicated. Scaling up from discovery to lab scale and then to commercial manufacturing can be streamlined by using a consistent approach. We speak to Dr Hani El-Sabbahy, Advanced Application Engineering Specialist from 3M, to understand more about overcoming problems with scalability and reliability of clarification solutions.

Healthtech: detecting early risks of diseases and optimising treatments

Healthtech can help detect diseases earlier, monitor long-term medical conditions, and improve treatments. Scotland is investing heavily in this area and drawing on strengths such as its IT and data ecosystem to boost diagnostics and patient outcomes within precision medicine.