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How India’s use of unapproved antibiotics could undermine global health

New research has shown that unapproved antibiotics are rife in India, undermining the country’s efforts to tackle antimicrobial resistance. Elly Earls meets the study’s lead author Dr Patricia McGettigan to find out how the situation can be tackled.

Could focusing on the user experience reinvent drug R&D software?

Poorly designed software leads to frustrated scientists and an inefficient R&D process. The Pistoia Alliance is promoting user experience principles to tackle this issue and accelerate life sciences innovation.

Could a new antibody screening method lead to better drugs?

A new technology can screen orders of magnitude more antibodies than existing methods. Elly Earls finds out why this breakthrough could vastly improve our understanding of how to leverage the human body’s immune system to prevent and cure disease.

Where are the pharma manufacturing hotspots?

Many countries around the globe have pushed local pharmaceutical production to the top of their agenda in recent years.

Seamless trials: the key to more drug approvals?

The number of seamless clinical trials in the oncology space has spiked in recent years. Elly Earls meets researcher Dr Pedro Barata to find out about the benefits of this approach and where else it could be used

Block and lock: a functional cure for HIV?

New research has opened the door to a completely different approach to tackling HIV infections. Elly Earls meets lead author of the study, Susana Valente, to find out more.

Slipper limpet slime: a biotech treasure chest?

Welsh start-up Mikota has started to harvest the invasive slipper limpet to make a range of new biotech products. Elly Earls finds out how it’s done and when the products will be hitting the market.

Dundee University: visiting the world’s most influential pharmaceutical research institution

Dundee University has been named the most influential pharmaceutical research institution in the world. Elly Earls meets the university’s principal and vice-chancellor Professor Sir Pete Downes to find out more about this incredible seat of learning.

From biologics to biosimilars: NHS move makes big sense

Switching from biologics to biosimilars will allow the NHS to treat more patients more effectively for the same amount of money. Elly Earls meets Warwick Smith, director general of the British Biosimilars Association, to find out how.

Could treating heart diseases with anti-inflammatories be the biggest breakthrough since statins?

A research team in the US has found that anti-inflammatory drugs could reduce the risk of heart attacks, independent of cholesterol. Elly Earls finds out why this is being hailed as the biggest breakthrough since the discovery of statins.