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Cybersecurity experts: These threats will keep CEOs across all sectors on their toes in 2022

To gauge the cybersecurity landscape in 2022, businesses first need to assess the major attacks which befell various companies this past year.

It ain’t all about AI: Looking at the biggest tech themes of 2021

While AI loomed large, there were plenty of other top tech themes in 2021 keeping CEOs up at night.

Hunting the unicorns: GlobalData IPO predictions for 2022

10 tech unicorns that are likely going enjoy a headline-making IPO in 2022, following GlobalData’s predictions.

Trying to do business with your customers, securely, online? This metaverse security CEO might know something

It’s been a big year for Arkose Labs, the account security brand of choice for metaverse leaders such as Minecraft and Roblox, as its CEO explains.

Face recognition is just the tip of the AI Computer Vision iceberg

Flaws in AI training give as bad a name to face recognition. But as Giacomo Lee discovers, computer vision gives more than just a reflection of societal biases.

Virtual therapy: Health tech at-a-distance will outlast the Covid status quo

Acceptance and resistance to digital health technologies has been a common problem across the health sector. As Giacomo Lee reveals though, Covid is slowly changing the industry picture.

Chatbots: AI tech can be useful in real-world business applications right now

Chatbots, like AI, may seem terribly modern, but in fact have a long history – and interesting times ahead, explains Giacomo Lee.

Bedside manner: These robots want to know how we are today

Smart assistants in the health care field already use tech to respond to customers. Giacomo Lee explores the new chatbots out there that range from from smart home staples to moving, Pixar-esque lamps.

AI and Covid’s symbiotic relationship may make for tech’s Trojan horse

With AI more than rising to the challenge of Covid-19, its spread throughout the business ecosphere will only be a matter of time  –  and industries are already changing because of it, writes Giacomo Lee.