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Lupkynis approved for the treatment of LN in the EU and UK

The decision was based on data from the Phase III AURORA 1 trial.

Cannabinoids receptors: popular preclinical target but banned in 137 countries

Cannabinoid receptors are currently the most popular targets for CNS in preclinical development, with 391 drugs tagged in total.

Current pipeline developments could bring new hope for patients with PPMS

The current MS pipeline offers new hope for pre-progressive MS (PPMS) patients, with three late-stage agents in development.

Ozempic compensating for Wegovy’s supply shortage due to high demand

KOLs interviewed by GlobalData have said Wegovy shows potential for the greatest amount of weight reduction in the obesity market.

AI will continue to attract investment in near future in the healthcare industry

Many healthcare companies are expected to prioritise AI as their main investment target over the next two years.

Chinese manufacturers’ transition to innovative pharma requires more investment

The Chinese pharma manufacturing industry is renowned for its generic active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing.

Manufacturing challenges set back development progress of cell therapies in oncology

The issues are expected to lead to quicker uptake of allogeneic cell therapies if these prove efficacious in long-term studies.

NICE to update endometriosis guidelines to improve diagnosis and surgical management

GlobalData believes that the implementation of these updated guidelines across the NHS will improve the diagnosis and surgical management of endometriosis.

Novo Nordisk maintains strong growth in T2D against competitor Lilly

Novo Nordisk has a strong T2D market presence due to the efficacy and strong performance of its therapies.

China’s biopharma industry: the small molecule renaissance in rare diseases

Approvals for innovator small molecules treating rare diseases in China rose by 22% from 2020 to 2022.