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Nokia Bell Labs and Equideum Partner to aggregate, optimize and analyze health data

The announcement focuses on edge computing to handle large volumes of data locally and to ensure privacy for individuals.

Treatment options for Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukaemia

3D illustration showing defective 9 and 22 chromosomes with translocational defect which causes cause chronic myelogenous leukaemia.

Future of servers, storage and networks: Ten companies predicted to succeed

Google parent Alphabet, Intel and Amazon are the three IT companies best placed to succeed in the servers, storage and networking equipment sector, according to exclusive theme-based analysis.

Big things are expected for RNA in 2019

RNA’s moment has been long predicted by analysts and industry insiders.

Trends in high-value injectables packaging

With the addition of PharmSource, GlobalData’s Pharma Intelligence Center has become a far more powerful tool for the manufacturing industry intelligence.

Patent expiration explains pick-up in biosimilars market

We are set to see a continued increase in the number of biosimilar applications and approvals in 2019, says GlobalData.

Pharma giant partners with IBM to bring blockchain to clinical trials

Boehringer Ingelheim is to partner with IBM Canada to introduce blockchain technology in clinical trials.

Eli Lilly poised to shake-up atopic dermatitis market with first oral treatment

Atopic dermatitis is the result of a complex interplay of environmental, immunological, genetic and pharmacological factors.

Pharma firms are investing in cyber security

Enterprise security is becoming essential as a growing number of organizations are moving towards digitization of their workplaces.