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Judith Oke is an Editor for the Clinical Trial Arena Network, covering developments across the clinical trials landscape. With a background in Pharmacy, she has edited several peer-reviewed articles for publication in Journals like Elsevier, Springer, BMJ and Frontiers, including but not limited to key areas/topics like infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and obstetrics and gynaecology.

Judith Oke

Signal: Fresh Tracks nears end of operations with plans for dissolution

Fresh Tracks is planning to seek approval for liquidation and dissolution from stakeholders pending a better offer.

Signal: Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy enters new borders

The Danish company’s blockbuster Wegovy arrives the UK after the US, Denmark, Norway and Germany amid struggles to meet increasing demands.

Signal: Apellis sheds staff weight plus R&D in a bid to restructure company

Apellis aims to attain long-term success and focus on star candidate Syfovre by trimming staff and cutting costs.